LunaBerry is a Pretoria-based bakery, which was founded by Héloïse Haupt upon her return from London where she learnt to master the art of classical French cuisine and patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu.

Lunaberry specialises in the unique craft of baking ‘out of this world’ treats which include cupcakes, classic and celebration cakes, sweet treats and pièces montées. Every product is baked with love, and can be collected at the bakery or delivered to specific areas in Pretoria or Johannesburg.

What is our story?

Héloïse has always had an interest in food, especially French desserts due in part to her French heritage. However, it wasn’t until she went to school in France at the age of 16 that she truly fell in love with the art of French cuisine and patisseries, having lived with a host family in the South West, an area renowned as the true heart of French gastronomy.

Héloïse’s unusual food journey and upbringing, having grown up in a mixed half French and South African household is what sets her apart. While living and working in both London and Paris, she was exposed to the latest in food trends and wanted to bring back to South Africa what she saw and learnt overseas.

What sets LunaBerry apart is Héloïse’s keen eye for detail and perfectionism, ensuring that each and every cake is beautifully made using only the finest quality ingredients. Her creative background helps her design over the top and one of a kind cakes for birthdays and special events ensuring that each and every item has her own unique stamp of approval.

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