Self loading concrete mixer truck Concrete mixing,batching plant,Concrete pump for sale in Philippines

Self loading concrete mixer truck is widely used for various projects, such as urban road construction, rural road construction, bridge, houses, water conservancy, infrastructure projects, mixing plants and other projects. It is necessary equipment for professional industrial work.

Self loading concrete mixer truck integrates loading, mixing, transporting, unloading function in one. This one truck can replace three common trucks. It is used as a mobile concrete mixing plant, convenient use, simple operation and high efficiency. Small self-loading mixer truck has particular design, such as narrow body, short wheelbase, small turning radius. It is suitable for the work condition with limited requirements of height, width and length. For projects with narrow construction way, self-loading mixing truck can feed, mix, unload material automatically. The mixing tank can rotate 270 degree. Even the machine stands still, it can realize unload material from four directions, which can save much time, energy and labor.

Our company provides models of self loading concrete mixer as: HMC-2.6, HMC-3.2, HMC-4.0, HMC-6.5. A means our brand Hamac, S means self loading, 0.5means the maximum mixing capacity 0.5cum, D means two-way driving. If you want to choose a reliable manufacturer, just contact us! We will provide you with first-class product, factory price and complete service!

AS-3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer
Equipment Model HMC-3.5 Type A
Engine Model YUCHAI 4105 Turbo-Charged
Rated Power 85kw
Gear Box Model ZL-280 Power Shift Gearbox
Gear 2 Forward 2 Back,Front Wheels Steering
Reducer HJ80-43
Hydraulic Pump CBGQ 2040/2080
Water Supply Time Relay
Overall Dimensions(L*W*H) 7830*2680*4170
Wheelbase (mm) 2900
Drive Form Torque Converter
AS-3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer
Equipment Model HMC-4.0
Engine Model YCD4J22G
Rated Power 85kw
Gear Box Model ZL-280 Power Shift Gearbox
Gear 2 Forward 2 Back,Front Wheels Steering
Reducer KY07-5-J
Hydraulic Pump Interpump
Water Supply Time Relay
Overall Dimensions(L*W*H) 7640*2870*4750
Wheelbase (mm) 2480
Drive Form Torque Converter


AS-3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer
Equipment Model HMC-5.5
Engine Model FAW XICHAI 6110 Turbo-Charged
Rated Power 110kw
Gear Box Model ZL-315 Power Shift Gearbox
Gear 2 Forward 2 Back,Front Wheels Steering
Reducer HJ80-43
Hydraulic Pump CBGQ 2050/2032
Water Supply Time Relay
Overall Dimensions(L*W*H) 8450*3100*4580
Wheelbase (mm) 3350
Drive Form Torque Converter

Features of self loading concrete mixer truck

Self loading concrete mixing truck is kind of special truck. It has the function as calculating the ratio of the mixing material automatically. The whole truck adopts high-strength steel plate, which improves the loading capacity and stability. The truck is equipped with traffic camera, automatic water delivery metering system, hydraulic water suction pump, air conditioner, import piston motor. The truck with small size is suitable for limited area. It has wide application in rural construction, urban construction, produces the concrete effectively and saves much labor resource.

Wide application of self-loading concrete mixer

Self loading concrete mixing truck can replace 6 manual labor, 3 types of machine, and produce one drum of concrete with 12 minutes. It can produce concrete flexibly and fast. It is suitable for small-medium project with short construction period, few workers, limited area. This special truck can save much troubles, such as high cost, limited area, low-quality concrete, time-waste, project delay, low efficiency. Self loading mixer truck has obvious advantages to solve those problems.

  • Rural self-building house
  • Factory building+pave the floor
  • Build roads in mountainous areas and plateau
  • Road construction in rural area and road repair
  • Dig foundation pits, ditches and tunnels
  • Slope protection of highway
  • Construction building in mountainous area
  • Construction engineering
  • Urban beautification
  • Water conservancy, bridge building

Safe operation of self loading concrete mixer truck

1. The pressure of the hydraulic system shall be in accordance with the provisions of the instruction manual and shall not be adjusted at will. The oil quality and oil quantity of hydraulic oil should meet the original requirements.

2. Before feeding the material, the accumulated water and debris remaining in the clean mixing drum shall be first drained. Keep rotating in the course of transportation in case of segregation of the concrete. The mixing drum shall rotate at full speed 14 to 18 revolutions/min for 1 to 2 minutes before the arrival and unloading of the mixer, and then discharge reversely. Before the inversion, keep the mixing drum stable and non-rotating.

3. When the temperature is higher than+25℃, and the duration from loading, transportation and unloading shall not exceed 60 minutes, when the temperature is lower than+25℃, and the above time shall not exceed 90 minutes.

4. During the winter construction, it is necessary to check whether it is frozen before starting; after work, the water in the mixing drum and the water supply system shall be carefully removed, the water pump switch will be closed, and the control handle shall be put in the “stop” position.

5. After the discharge of the construction site is completed, flush the feed hopper, the discharge hopper, the discharge chute with the hose, and clear the sludge and concrete adhered to the body. In the process of returning to the mixing plant, 150–200 L of water shall be poured into the mixing drum to clean the wall and the blade-bonded concrete residue.

6. After the daily work, the driver should be responsible for injecting water into the mixing drum and rotating it at high speed (14-18 rpm) for 5-10min, and then drain the water to ensure the cleanliness of the drum. When cleaning each part of the mixing drum with high pressure water, pay attention to avoiding the instrument and joystick. The distance between the pressure water nozzle and the paint surface of the body shall not be less than 40 cm.

7. When removing the concrete slag accumulated inside and outside the mixer and the remaining concrete slag, as well as when the worker enters the cylinder for overhaul and welding repair, it is necessary to turn off the automobile engine so that the mixer can stop turning completely. During the period when the worker enters the cylinder, it is necessary to ensure that the air is well ventilated, the air is fresh, there is no available gas and harmful dust. When using electric tools in the cylinder, the operator must have good insulation protection.

Sincere service of our company

Pre-sale service

1. Before you purchasing our equipment, we will answer any questions you are confused about the self loader mixer.

2. We will also suggest you to buy the most suitable machine according to your actual needs, but not the most expensive machine.

3. We can send various photos and videos about the machine to help you understand how it works well.

4. You can visit our factory at any time if you want, and we will receive you at any time!

After-sale service

1. We will delivery the machine to any where you are in safely and quickly.

2. We provide detailed installation and operation instructions to all customers.

3. We can send technicians to your country to provide technical guidance for you. And if the machine has any quality problem, you can always contact us. We ‘ll deal with it at first time. To learn more about our self loading concrete mixer truck and after-sales service, contact us today!